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Concept essence 1 Kosho Ogawa

Textile art that appeals to the senses and inspires the soul

After carefully selecting fabrics that captivate through the unique feel of natural materials and beautiful textures, Kosho Ogawa designs and dyes them with a genuine sensibility, utilizing traditional dyeing and weaving techniques cultivated in Kyoto. The serene landscape enveloping the studio becomes a well of creativity where the songs of birds and rich transience of the seasons can be discerned. His ultimate aspiration is to emanate expression that appeals to the senses and inspires the soul, even from the most simple aspects, through design and form painted by hand.

essence 1

Concept essence 2 Techniques and Sense

The imagination of the artisan swells from richness and depth of expression.

With over 35 years of studying the art of dyeing at Kyoto, Mr. Ogawa's work involves highly refined textile art in different genres and materials, from kimono to interior design and silk to hemp. He creatively utilizes a variety of dyes and dyeing techniques such as skillfully wielding a paintbrush for brush dyeing, soaking cloth in dye for dip dyeing, and hand painting using a brush. In accordance with the purpose, natural dyes like persimmon juice, ink, or pigments as well as artificial dyes are used. Metal and silver paint may be applied for finishing touches. Each and every piece reflects the skill of the artisan.

essence 2

Concept essence 3 The beauty of textile art

Kyoto continues to refine the artist's senses

All dye creations contain story and reflect the artisan’s imagination with expressions themed on the beauty of the changing seasons, expressions that modernize traditional Japanese patterns and designs, expressions that exude a delicate touch, and expressions that suggest bold ink paintings. They emit a pleasant excitement and color contemporary living with modern textile art that harbors elegance within simplicity.

essence 3

Concept essence 4 Folding, layering

A new form born from human hands

The "culture of layering" has been handed down since antiquity. The brand, KOSHO was created from the desire to bring to modern living the colors and layers seen in Japanese clothing as well as in Japanese culture such as “origami” and nests of boxes for food or storage. KOSHO continues to pass on the wonders from ancient times in a new form.

essence 4

Bag’s View ougi

Presenting the world with the modern art of dyeing and weaving

"ougi" is a beautiful bag designed to appear at a glance like a work of art with the shape of a folding fan. It emanates elegance with flair and novel color combinations. When the bottom of the bag is flared, the 2 pleats open for a glimpse of the color within the folds. The bag was well received at the "Maison & Objet" trade fair held in Paris, and is offered at the museum shop at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, shops in France and Italy.
Registered design (Europe, China, Japan) Registered trademark (Europe, China, Japan, USA, Australia, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore) 


News & Media
2017 2017.2.23-24
Displayed at "New Style Selection by KYOTO 2017"
「シンガポールThe Décor Show」に出展
2016 2016.11.9
The launch of "MOOMIN×KOSHO" ougi collaboration bag
「シンガポールThe Décor Show」に出展 2016.11.2
"MOOMIN×KOSHO" ougi Tote Bag and Pouch were published in the magazaine,"MOE"
ニューヨーク「ギャラリーWest 43rd Street」に出展
ougi Tote Bag was certified by the "The Wonder 500™" 2016 of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
ユーキャン「COCOCIMO」にougiトートバッグが掲載 2016.9.10
ougi Tote Bag appeared as a "Catalog Gift" in the Croissant magazine
ougi Tote Bag was published in U-can "COCOCIMO"
ユーキャン「COCOCIMO」にougiトートバッグが掲載 2016.9.7-9
Participated in "NIPPON QUALITY", which was hosted by the SME Infrastructure Development Organization
中小企業基盤整備機構主催「NIPPON QUALITY」に参加
ougi series appeared as a Mitsukoshi・Isetan's "Select Gift"
三越・伊勢丹「Select Gift」にougiシリーズが掲載 2016.9
ougi Tote Bag appeared in "Kateigaho", September issue
ougi Tote Bag appeared as the opening page of the "Kateigaho" Selection
いいもの選べるカタログギフト「日本を贈る」にougiシリーズが掲載 2016.8.9
KOSHO's special article was published in the WISE・WISE correspondence
「シンガポールThe Décor Show」に出展
ougi series appeared in the "Kyo Mono Aiyouken", as a catalog gift for Kyoto Prefecture
いいもの選べるカタログギフト「日本を贈る」にougiシリーズが掲載 2016.3.10-13
Appeared in "Singapore The Décor Show"
「シンガポールThe Décor Show」に出展
ougi series appeared in the "Nihon Wo Okuru", as a catalog gift
いいもの選べるカタログギフト「日本を贈る」にougiシリーズが掲載 2016.2.12
ougi Collaboration Bag was introduced in "In×KOSHO"
"In×KOSHO" ougi Collaboration Bag appeared in the "Senken Shimbun" paper
ニューヨーク「ギャラリーWest 43rd Street」に出展 2016.2.4
ougi Tote Bag was the gift for the "Kyoaruki in Tokyo" column in the Yomiuri Shimbun evening edition newspaper
2016.1.28-2. 9
Appeared in the "Gallery West 43rd Street" in New York
ニューヨーク「ギャラリーWest 43rd Street」に出展 2016.1.17-19
Appeared in "London Home"
2015 2015.12
ougi tote bag featured in "Orange Page 12/2 Edition"
「オレンジページ12/2号」にougiトートバッグが掲載 2015.11.7-8
Participated in "Kyoto Marche in KITTE"
キョウト・マルシェin KITTE」に参加
Appeared in "New Style Selection by KYOTO"
「New Style Selection by KYOTO」に出展 2015.11.2
Article of ougi featured in "AERA"
ougi shoulder bag featured in "GOLF DIGEST Traveler"
「GOLF DIGEST・Traveler」にougiショルダーバッグが掲載 2015.9.26
Article of ougi tote bag featured in The Kyoto Shimbun morning paper
ougi tote bag certificated in "The Wonder 500™" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
経済産業省「The Wonder 500™」にougiトートバッグが認定 2015.8.20
ougi tote bag featured "Select Gift" in Isetan and Mitsukoshi
三越・伊勢丹「Select Gift」にougiトートバッグとポーチが掲載
Participated in "Paris Japan EXPO"
「パリJapan EXPO」に参加 2015.5.5
ougi tote bag featured "Weekly Golf Digest"
Article featured about "Takashimaya, Bunzaburo, and Kosho" in Kyoto Chamber Board Newsletter
京都会議所会報誌に「髙島屋×片山文三郎×光章」の記事が掲載 2015.3.13-16
Appeared in "Singapore IFFS/AFS 2015"
「シンガポールIFFS/AFS 2015」に出展
Kyoto Kosho featured appeared in EX SANKEI EXPRESS
EX SANKEIEXPRESSの特集に小川光章の記事が掲載 2015.2.17
Participated in "NEXT Kyoto Selection"
「NEXT Kyoto Selection」に参加
Article featured about "OMOTENASHI SELECTION 2014 Gold Medal" in Kyoto Shimbun morning paper
京都新聞朝刊に「OMOTENASHI SELECTION 2014 金賞」受賞の記事が掲載 2015.2.6
Article featured about "OMOTENASHI SELECTION 2014 Gold Medal" in EX SANKEI EXPRESS
Won the "OMOTENASHI SELECTION 2014 Gold Medal"
「OMOTENASHI SELECTION 2014 金賞」を受賞 2015.2.4-6
Participated in "PROJECT kyo-to 2015" by the Fashion Kyoto Network
ファッション京都推進協議会「PROJECT kyo-to2015」に参加
2014 2014.10
ougi tote bag featured in Utsukushii Kimono's "Irohani Kimono"
美しいキモノ「いろはにキモノ」にougiトートバッグが掲載 2014.10.4-23
Appeared in "Hidden-Unveiling Japanese Design Japanese Design 2014 in Singapore"
「Hidden-Unveiling Japanese Design 日本のデザイン2014@シンガポール」に出展
Participated in Taiwan Design Center's "Taiwan Design Expo"
台湾デザインセンター「Taiwan Design Expo」に参加 2014.6.17
ougi pouch featured in "Weekly Golf Digest"
Hand-dyed noren,"MARU6" featured in the May issue of "Katei Gahou"
家庭画報5月号に手描き手染めのれん「MARU6」が掲載 2014.3
Hand-dyed noren,"sakura sakura" featured in the March issue of "Katei Gahou"
Participated in the "BRAND NEW KYOTO Project 2014" sponsored by Kyoto City
京都市主催「BRAND NEW KYOTOプロジェクト2014」に参加 2014.2.5-7
Participated in "PROJECT kyo-to 2014" by the Fashion Kyoto Network
Hand-dyed noren,"tsubaki" featured in the Feburary issue of "Katei Gahou"
2013 2013.11.7-10
Participated in "rooms LINK TAIPEI 2013" in Taiwan
台湾「rooms LINK TAIPEI 2013」に参加 2013.10.29
Received the "Kyoto Design Winner"at the KYOTO DESIGN AWARD 2013
京都THE FUSHIMI 8月号特集に記事掲載
Available in the Kyoto Prefecture gift catalog, "Kyomono Aiyouken"
京都府のカタログギフト「京もの愛用券」に掲載 2013.8
Presented in a feature article in the August issue of the Kyoto publication, "THE FUSHIMI"
京都THE FUSHIMI 8月号特集に記事掲載
The hand-painted, hand-dyed hemp shop curtain, "Goldfish" appeared in the July issue of "KATEIGAHO".
家庭画報7月号手描き手染め麻のれん「金魚」が掲載 2013.2.6
Chosen for the "KANSAI SELECT 14" by the Union of Kansai Governments
関西広域連合が発掘したKANSAI SELECT 14
Join "MAISON et OBJET 2013". Introducing the design and dyeing technology of Kyoto, to the world at Kyoto Connection "MAISON et OBJET 2013"
2012 2012.11.13
On radio: "KYOTO NATION" introduced by FM α-Station, as a guest.
FM放送α-STATION「KYOTO NATION」に出演 2012.10.9
"Kosho - toward the world " introduced by The Kyoto Shimbun News.
"Traditional craft, Highly respected Kosho at the trade faire site" introduced by The Yomiuri Shimbun.
読売新聞朝刊に記事掲載 2012.9.5
"Advanced Kosho to New York"introduced by The Yomiuri Shimbun.
About the starting for sale of the canvas tote bag named "ougi" at the store of MoMA ( The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y. ).
ニューヨーク近代美術館(MoMA)ミュージアムショップにて販売 2012.8.17
Kyo biz" introduced by KBS Kyoto television.
Kyomono aiyouken vol.1" introduced by Gift Catalog, Kyoto pref.
京都府がカタログギフト「京もの愛用券」に掲載 2012.5.17
Selected by "Chie" propulsion project by KCCI (Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry)as the 1st creative project which is produced by one of brand new Kyoto companies.
フランス・パリ商談会JAPAN BRAND PARIS・見本市メゾン・エ・オブジェに出展   
Privacy policy

KOSHO (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") shall establish the following privacy policy, create a personal information protection system, and ensure that all employees recognize the importance of, and strive for, personal information protection, thereby promoting information privacy.

1) Control of personal information
The Company shall take security measures such as controlling personal information, maintaining the security system, improving the management structure, thoroughly conducting employee training. Taking further necessary measures to keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date and prevent personal information from being unduly accessed, lost, damaged, altered or leaked.

2) Use of personal information
The Company may use the personal information obtained from you for the purpose of sending you e-mail messages and documents for communication, promotion of our activities and replies to your inquiries.

3) No disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties
The Company shall properly control the personal information obtained from you, and shall not disclose such personal information to any third party, except in the following circumstances:
・If you approve such disclosure;
・If the Company discloses your personal information to its contractor to whom it entrusts any business in order to provide the service requested by you; or
・If disclosure of your personal information is required by laws or ordinances.

4) Measures for personal information safety
The Company is taking all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

5) Request for identification
The Company may ask you to identify yourself prior to responding to your request for confirmation, modification and deletion of your personal information.

6) Observation and review of laws ordinances, and rules
The Company shall observe all Japanese laws, ordinances and other rules applicable to the personal information it possesses, and shall review and improve the contents of this privacy policy from time to time.

7) Inquiries
Should you have any questions about our handling of personal information, please contact us at:

13-3, Higashikawaramachi, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-0821 Japan
TEL: +(81)(0)75-642-1336  FAX: +(81)(0)75-642-7541

About Company Profile
Studio Name
Kosho Ogawa
13-3, Higashikawaramachi, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-0821 Japan
+(81)(0)75-642-1336  +(81)(0)75-642-7541
History 1975 Studied the traditional craft of "Kyo-Yuzen"
1985 Established a studio for dyeing kimono
1989 Established "KOSHO"
  Since then, Mr. Ogawa has won numerous exhibitions, including the Kyoto Design Award, 4th Kyoto Craft Exhibition and "honorable mention" at the New Kyomono Competition. KOSHO was selected as a model business for the 1st Creative Culture Business. Recently, Mr. Ogawa has also participated in overseas exhibitions. At the "Maison & Objet" trade fair held in Paris/"Japan Brand Paris" business meeting, buyers from Europe and America had high praise for the quality of Mr. Ogawa's designs and dyeing.
  Abroad, the canvas tote bag, "ougi" is being sold at the museum shop at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, shops in France and Italy. A French luxury brand holds "the world of Kosho Ogawa" in high regard and has ordered sample creations.